Street eats undergo a gourmet transformation at CAYA, as we use modern techniques to elevate the simple delights found in the most intriguing corners of the world. Your dining experience begins where a cherished Mexican tradition meets CAYA’s Italian flair: our homemade bread, a fusion of focaccia and sourdough served with a foam butter infused with black garlic, aged for a rich and flavorful 20 days. Enjoy small bites like our grilled octopus served on a bed of chicha morada, Peru’s traditional purple corn beverage, and a homemade Peruvian olive mayonnaise.  

Discover the South American empanada taking on an Asian twist in our Japanese Empanadita, or travel in reverse with our homemade pork belly gyoza dipped injalapeño foam. 

Our not-so-small bites transform familiar flavors into imaginative creations. From juicy meat, patty cradled between homemade sweet potato buns to a roasted half chicken marinated in Peruvian ‘ajipanca’ pepper and Aruban Balashi beer, each dish tells the story of intriguing streets discovered worldwide when you venture off the beaten path.