Two close friends, inspired by the flavors discovered while wandering off the beaten path during their summers exploring Latin America and Europe, bring their shared passion for fun, creative, and authentic flavors into a nostalgic side street of the bustling Palm Beach strip in Aruba.

Marco Muscariello, the son of Master Chef VittorioMuscariello, practically grew up on this street. Back in the day, you’d find him soaking up the sun and the simple joys while riding his bicycle, as his father and culinary team served authentic Italian cuisine, atHostaria da Vittorio. Spending much of his childhood in the restaurant sparked Marco’s passion for the industry, leading him to study the art of cooking and earn a degree in Business.

After embracing every role within the restaurant and mastering the craft under his father’s mentorship, Marco eventually went on to manage Hostaria da Vittorio. One evening amid the pandemic, as the street was exceptionally quiet, Marco and his close friend Carlos Yagua, a physician and passionate foodie, were hanging out when inspiration struck. They decided to breathe new life into the nostalgic alley by converting an unused teleshop into an enchanting restaurant.

The name came naturally to them —CAYA, Papiamento for ‘street’. A nod to the side street that, to this day, remains their playground, and a promise to deliver elevated street food in a tropical setting, reminiscent of their unforgettable summers abroad.

our culinary retreat is a mysterious escape to multiple destinations, 

Executive chef

Chef Jhon Gomez is easily recognizable; he’s the one anticipating that initial reaction from diners after the first bite because, for him, good is not good enough—it must be delicious. While pursuing his Culinary Arts Degree in Bogotá and Technician in Gastronomy in Peru, he was mentored by renowned Peruvian Chef Rafael Osterling, whom he considers his culinary father.

Having successfully completed his professional training, Chef Gomez developed his skills as a cook and sous chef in acclaimed kitchens in Bogotá, including, Il Mercatino, Punto Baja, and the Michelin-starred Elcielo as well as Pujol in Mexico.

At CAYA, Chef Gomez brings his love for relaxed dining experiences, leading the culinary team with inspiration from his aunt, who would whip up tasty meals from whatever was available in the kitchen. “If you want it to taste delicious, you have to make it yourself and work with what you have”, she would say. With his aunt’s voice echoing in his mind, he has mastered the art of repurposing ingredients and crafting homemade sauces, creams, and sourdough. This influence is evident in every dish on the menu, fearlessly blending cuisines to create global street-inspired flavors.


At the age of 14, Chef Herrera took on an afterschool job at the neighborhood bakery in his hometown Bogotà to help his family make ends meet. He didn’t expect to fall in love with the art of baking, let alone become a pastry chef. After earning his CulinaryArts Degree with a specialization in pastry and baking, Chef Herreraembraced the opportunity to learn from renowned Pastry Chef MarkRausch, of the famous Rausch brothers, while working at their factory as well as their restaurants Bistronomi and Criteriòn.

He also delved into artisanal French pastry making at Maison Kayser handcrafted innovative desserts under the guidance of Chef KoldoMiranda at Cuarto Frìo Gastrobar. His refined palate opened doors in Panama, where he curated the pastry menu for Zanta Graziaz.

Now, at CAYA, Chef William leads his team by prioritizing the use of homemade bases, mixes, and fermented sourdough to create desserts that invite you to indulge in guilt-free pleasure while discovering the vibrant harmony of subtle flavors.